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Monday 9:00 – 11:00 am
Tuesday 9:00 – 3:00 pm
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Friday 9:00 – 3:00 pm

Focus and Methods

painful syndroms of spine, joints and muscles, muscle insertion and ligament disorders, correction of posture, muscle dysbalances, peripheral nerve palsy and other nerve disorders

activation and enhancement of an effective coordination of abdominal diaphragm, intercostal, abdominal, and dorsal muscles in normal breathing cycle

painful syndroms of spine, joints and muscles, muscle insertion and ligament disorders, correction of posture, muscle dysbalances, ergonomics of sitting position, of playing position

follow-up therapy after injury, surgery, as well as a conditioning before surgers, central and peripheral palsies

visceral dysfunctions caused by funtional or structural movement system disorders as well as movement system dysfunctions caused by visceral disorders

full approach to movement system disorders caused by mental state

  • ergonomic counseling of activities related to work, free-time, sport, and daily living
  • educational events on ergonomic principles employment for individuals and groups

Acral Coactivation Therapy, Spiral stabilization, Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Quadrupedal locomotion by Klapp in prevention and therapy

Propriofoot Concept, Propriomed, trampoline and other balance training equipment

Aplication of elastic bands in order to

  • decrease/increase soft tissue tonus
  • movement reeducation
  • correction of body part allignment

muscle dysbalances in pelvic diaphragm, preventing abdominal muscle diastasis

reeducation of breathing stereotype, stimulation of diaphragm breathing coordination, additional therapy in asthma bronchiale and other chronic respiration diseases, early and follow-up therapy after acute respiration diseases

Visceral mobilization and restoration of trunk stability in order to diminish or eliminate symptoms such as dyphagia, bad smell in the mounth etc.

Why to make an appointment?

  • Treatment of causes of pain and discomfort no only the symptoms

  • No invasive or pharmacological agents

  • Sustainable results

  • Online reservation

  • City centre location

  • Contactless payment available



First visit 75 minutes 1300 CZK
Next visit
60 minutes 1100 CZK
Physiotherapy for children
30 minutes 550 CZK
Group Exercise Class for 2 – 4 persons 50 minutes 270 CZK/person
30 minutes with vibration bar BIOSWING Propriomed® 2 30 minutes 600 CZK
Individual ergonomic analysis 60 minutes 5300 CZK
Ergonomic analysis for groups 120 minutes 7000 CZK
Free counselling 15 minutes gratis


Údolní 393/18, Brno 602 00

tel. +420 774 657 335


IN: 092 69 207

Bank 2701870497 / 2010

IBAN CZ21 2010 0000 0027 0187 0497


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    Let me introduce myself.

    I understand physiotherapy as a reasonable approach to regain and sustain health integrity and quality of life with regard to unique abilities, limits, and needs of the individual. I always focus on search for the cause of health problems and I am ready to find specialists of other fields to cooperate with, if needed. Active cooperation is essential for successful treatment process and it is a pleasure to work if my patients share this perspective.


    • POSTGRADUATE STUDIES Charles University in Prague 2005 – 2009

    • TRAINING University of British Columbia, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Vancouver, Canada 2006

    • GRADUATE STUDIES (DipPT) Charles University in Prague 1999 – 2005

    • TRAINING University of Applied Sciences, School of Social and Health Care, Lahti, Finland 2005

    • TRAINING Praxis und Institut für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin MUDr./Univ. Prag Eugen Rašev, Ph.D., Schweinfurt, Deutschland 2004


    • Diagnostics and therapy of functional disorders of human moevement system

    • Quadrupedal locomotion according to Dr. Klapp in prevention and therapy

    • Medical Taping Concept

    • The Redcord Educational Program

    • Propriofoot Concept

    • McKenzie method

    • Physiotherapy in idiopatic scoliosis I

    • Sball 20 – 30 cm

    • L. Mojžíšová method

    • Physiotherapy in pregnancy and after delivery


    • Assistant professor, physiotherapist  Centre of sport activities, Brno University of Technology 2011 – to date

    • Physiotherapist  Private Clinic LOGO, s.r.o., 2010 – 2011

    • Physiotherapist MFK Centre, Prague 2008 – 2009


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